Mini Gaming Keypad

A keypad controller is like a standard PC keyboard but with added features specific to its use as a gamepad. The most significant advantage of using one is that it gives players more buttons to work with than any ordinary controller can provide, which means they do not have to rely on the messy finger dance routine every time they want to press anything. This way, your thumbs will thank you for this decision as you never again have to feel the strain caused by trying to remember where all of those buttons are located. 

Features of mini gaming keypad

A mini gaming keypad consists of multiple additional “shortcut” buttons that can enhance the playing abilities by reducing unnecessary actions or remembering frequently used combinations for special skills etc.

An example would be pressing CTRL once it opens up an inventory window, but with extra shortcut buttons, you can press CTRL+1 to use an item quickly; if you want to do this without the gaming keypad, you would need two hands and possibly more time.

Some commonly used shortcut buttons

  • ALT (alternative)
  • CTRL (control)
  • SHIFT (shift or hold down)
  • Space Bar (most often used in games for jumping but can be used for many things like critical skills etc.)

Keys on mini gaming keypad

The keys on a Mini Gaming Keypad are designed around a standard keyboard layout, with some exceptions. For example, F1 is pressed by pressing Shift+F1 on a standard keyboard, but on a Gaming keypad, these function keys are all separate, so their position alters slightly. The WASD keys have extended commands where for example, the W key will be used to move forward if pressed alone, but its extended command is to sprint forward; this means that you can press another button simultaneously as the FWD button and won’t need two hands.


An example would be pressing SHIFT+W to stroll but holding down ESC will stop your character, which requires one hand, so if by using a Gaming Keypad could require no hands or just one hand.

These are some ways these shortcut buttons can help gamers and many more options depending on what game you’re playing. With all this information, there are advantages and disadvantages to gaming keypads.

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Demand of PC games

The gaming market has proved that PC games are still relevant and sell millions of copies. That’s not all; it has also proven that PC games are more than just casual or hardcore. It is an enthusiast market willing to spend big bucks on expensive gaming hardware. Not only that, but they are willing to invest in creating their custom-made controllers for competitive use. Some people even go as far as building their PCs to play certain games the way it was meant to be played.

Combination of mouse and keyboard

While some game genres like first-person shooters need precision controls, other games like MMORPGs might not necessarily require you to have a complete keyboard + mouse combo, especially if the game doesn’t require lots of precise hand control (and some do). However, some players like to use the combination because they are used to it plus, some games like shooters can be played faster with a keyboard + mouse.

If you’re planning on becoming competitive, then there’s no harm in getting one, but if not, you might want to stick with regular keyboards (a gaming keyboard isn’t necessary unless your game requires lots of keypresses).

What makes controllers different?

If you are one of the many people who have recently migrated to console gaming then chances, are that you use a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse. You may prefer this setup, or maybe you got used to using it in your days when playing games on your PC before switching over to consoles.

Whichever way, there is no denying the fact that controllers are more convenient than keyboards in most cases, particularly if you want an easy time when playing action-packed games. However, most players do not know that there is another alternative that has all of the benefits of an ordinary controller but with even more features thrown in for good measure. These alternatives are known as gaming keypads or keypad controllers, and they provide players extra comfort and an overall improvement in their gaming performance.

Mini gaming keypad vs. standard PC keyboard

Although there are many benefits to using gaming keypads over their standard keyboard counterparts, it should be noted that you will have limited functionality if you use them instead of your regular keyboard. The first benefit of this limitation is that you will never have to share your device again, so nobody can spoil your game by turning up all the lights or restarting it while you are from the computer.

Gaming keypads vs. standard controllers

There are various controller alternatives available nowadays, but most fall short compared to standard gamepads because they lack precision and responsiveness. A good example is the Xbox One controller, which many gamers see as inferior to its predecessor due to its mushy analog sticks and overly sensitive triggers that cause players to unintentionally jump off ledges or run instead of setting up camp. Using a gaming keypad eliminates these issues and gives players precise control of their movements, which can be especially beneficial if you are playing fast-paced shooters.


The other benefit of these devices is the ergonomic design that ensures maximum comfort during prolonged play sessions without any risk of developing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Plus, there is no need to make do with a tiny analog stick like the one found on most controllers as these keypads give players an actual D-pad, which comes in handy for games such as platformers and side-scrollers.


The most significant disadvantage is that using a gaming keypad usually means that your hands are glued together, which makes it difficult to, for example, make extensive use of hotkeys. This will not be an issue if you prefer playing games with the keyboard and mouse, but it does limit functionality in games where users can use both simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost of mini gaming keyboard?

The average cost of mini gaming keyboard is $15 to $25.

  • Is the mini gaming keyboard best for use?

The mini gaming keyboard is good and best for use. Most of people like and prefer these gaming keyboards.