Even though Minecraft is a fantasy game, it has a lot in common with the real world. Paper is one of the materials you can get your hands on.

Paper in Minecraft

Paper is one of those items in Minecraft that isn’t completely useful by itself but is used in so many important crafting recipes. Paper is the building block of so many different recipes that it’s necessary to know how to make it.

Where paper is used in Minecraft?

Things like books, bookshelves, maps, and quite a few more items are made with paper. If you want to play around with bookmaking or mapmaking, then you should know how to make paper first. Making paper will require several other materials too though before you can get started. For example, if you wanted to make paper by itself, then all you need are some saplings. But for this tutorial we are going to craft paper out of something other than trees, like dead bushes.

Material needed                       

Before you can get to the crafting of paper, you will need several other materials. Shears, an axe, and some string are all necessary. First you will cut down the trees or bushes that have grown on your new grass block (so it looks less weird). You need 5 of them. Keep in mind that they don’t have to be fully grown but just slightly larger than saplings. Once you have collected all five of these small trees/bushes then put them into two separate stacks in your inventory.

Making of paper by wood

Collecting the ingredients

Next, craft yourself a workbench by placing 3 blocks in a row of wood planks. Then turn around so that your back is facing this newly crafted table.

  • Place 2 more wood blocks into a horizontal line. Behind where you just placed the two new blocks of wood.
  • Place 2 more vertical planks on top of them so that it creates a T shape. Finally, one last block should be placed on the left side of the horizontal piece to complete your table.
  • Once this is done then it’s time to get started. On the right-hand side of your workbench, place 6 pieces of paper in two stacks of 3 beside each other (3 stacks width wise and 6 stacks long wise).
  • Then take out 12 sticks from your inventory and set them down directly below where you placed the first 6 pieces of paper.
  • Next you need to take 1 string and put it above all of these items next to the longest side of the workbench.
  • After that, take 1 shears and place it next to all of these items on the opposite end (the shortest side) of your workbench.


Now you are finally ready to make paper. To do this, you need to right click in between two sticks and two pieces of paper (like a sandwich). Then when you see a menu pop-up like in the picture above, you can then choose which item you want to craft into paper. In this case, the author wanted to turn 4 saplings into 12 sheets of paper. Once this is done then simply pick up all 12 sheets and add them back into your inventory for later use.

How to make maps and books by paper?

If you plan on making maps or books though, then you’ll need to craft some new items before next using paper. A compass or a map requires an item called “paper” which you have just created, but also dough and firework stars for the compass. Paper can be made by placing 4 pieces of a certain variety of wood, and 1 piece of string in the crafting area.

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How to reach at crafting menu?

In order to reach the Crafting Menu, open your Inventory (I on keyboard), then press Esc until you are back at the game screen. The crafting menu will appear on the left side of the screen with 8 boxes. The top box (with no picture) is for creating new items. Each line below represents an item that can be crafted if there are valid ingredients in each box to its right.

To make paper, place 1 by 1 by 4 units of any type of wood vertically on one side of the crafting area (cannot stack more than 1 tall). Place one piece of string horizontally across two stacks of any type of wood (click right-click to place). Place the paper in your inventory by right-clicking it.

Note:  The number inside the box represents how many units make up that stack.

How to make paper in Minecraft by sugarcane?

To create paper in Minecraft, you must go into Minecraft jungle and look for jungle trees with full red/yellow stems that have only dropped their pineapples just above the brown blocks. The Jungle tree leaves can also give you something. If they are healthy green color, then there is a chance that among the fallen leaves you might also get a Sugar Cane. Punch the green Jungle leaf with your bare hand and you might be lucky, as it can drop not only Sugar Cane but even some Pineapples.

Quickly run towards the one red block of glass behind the fallen jungle tree. Then punch one Sugar Cane into that block on top of the glass. Take the Sugar Cane block and lay it on top of a 3×3 crafting grid and this will be what you get. Now, take all these nine Paper sheets and put them in your hotbar.

Now punch a few more leaves to collect at least three or four Leaf blocks of various colors here comes the third ingredient needed for paper making just take one each from all three colors that are available in Minecraftia jungle:

  • Brown
  • Green
  • Blue ones

Finally, also pick up at least 10-12 sugar cane items from sugar cane sprouts growing down on the Jungle floors so we can craft the paper. Now place these on the 3×3 crafting grid (three of each colour leaves, sugar canes, one stack of Paper sheets). Then punch the Sugar Cane block with your bare fist to break it into another 9 pieces that will be used to craft the Paper sheet under them.


  • If you try to climb up a tree, it might break under your feet. This will cost you all your hard-earned Sugar Cane items.
  • In the jungle tree here comes some sort of leopard creature instead of precious emeralds. Move away quickly or it may kidnap you.

Can you make paper without sugar cane in Minecraft?

Yes, you can make paper without using sugar cane in Minecraft. In fact, there are a few alternative ways to obtain essays in the game, each with its own unique recipe and process. One such method involves using the bark of trees to create paper.

To create paper using tree bark, players will need first to locate a tree and then use an axe to chop off the bark. The bark can then be crafted into the paper by placing three pieces of bark in a horizontal line on a crafting table. This recipe will yield one piece of paper.

Another alternative method for creating paper in Minecraft involves using a material called papyrus. Papyrus can be obtained by harvesting the tall, reed-like plant that grows in swamp biomes. Once harvested, the papyrus can be crafted into paper by placing three pieces in a horizontal line on a crafting table.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to make paper in minecraft?

Yes, it is easy. You must be aware of game rules then it is very simple and easy to make paper in minecraft.

Can we dye paper in minecraft?

Yes, you can dye it. It is renewable.