In Minecraft, you can breed chickens to harvest feathers, eggs, and raw chicken meat. Their bodies are white, their legs are yellow, they have wings that flap when they fall or jump over a block, and they have red wattles under their mouths. There is no risk of them falling off cliffs as they wander aimlessly in the world.

It is possible to hear the chicken cuck when it is lying an egg or when it is idly cucking. Hold seeds in front of two chickens and lead them into your pen to breed them. After this, feed each of these chickens seeds until their hearts appear, indicating successful breeding. Chickens are a species of mobs that can be found in villages. In order to get chickens, you must sell two adult chickens to a farmer NPC in a village.

Difference between breeding and selling chicken

Breeding chickens isn’t much different than selling them. First you’ll need two adult chickens (though both don’t have to be fully grown). Then place one egg and wait for it to hatch (as stated before, it takes 10 minutes.) After the time has passed, the egg will hatch into a chick, and after breeding it with another chicken, you’ll get an egg that will eventually hatch into yet another chicken.

Unlike selling animals or other mobs to farmers, chickens can be bred infinitely as long as you have the materials needed to make the eggs.

How to breed chicken in Minecraft?

The Step by step guide                                                                         

  1. The first step of breeding is getting two adult chickens (and one doesn’t even need to be fully grown.) One must put an egg in the ground for 10 minutes before it hatches; this takes about 12 game hours or two real-life hours. After hatching, it will take 16 game hours for the chicken to grow up (in 2 1/2 days). Eggs can be placed under watertaps along with buckets of water. This is helpful if you have a small farm near your house, as this will allow you to breed chickens without having to let them live outside for 16 game hours waiting.
  2. The only downside is that you must trade with villagers or go into their homes and take the eggs from under their water taps. After an egg has been planted for 10 minutes, it hatches into a chick, which becomes an adult chicken after another 16 game hours (half a real-life day). Chickens will automatically breed every 16 game hours if there are two or more adults in close proximity of each other. The offspring will also become an adult after about 16 game hours.
  3. In order to speed up the process a bit, find a village with a chicken coop where there are lots of chickens. Nearby coops are usually around five blocks away from each other, so you will need to breed four chickens in order to get an egg every 16 game hours or so. If your farm is near your house, it might be easier just to trade with villagers for eggs rather than trying to find a village with a lot of chickens.

You can put buckets under water taps inside the coop if you wish to breed chickens without access to the outdoors. Just remember that you have no control over when the chicken will lay an egg because it happens randomly.

Tips and methods

If there are other chickens nearby then it may be a good idea to either get rid of them or wait for them to wander away. This will keep your chicken from getting killed accidentally by another mob and also ensures that there are enough wheat seeds nearby.

After breaking the animal’s feathers, its feathery exterior will drop some food particles and some wheat seeds. Pick up what you need and harvest twice more on the same chicken so you have an even count of three pieces of wheat. Then eat one of the seeds or place it in a crafting grid because we’ll need these later! If you didn’t receive any wheat seeds then try killing another nearby chicken until they spawn again (or find/build a farm).

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Setting of blocks

Now that we’ve got our equipment ready it would only make sense to build a chicken coop. While players familiar with other mob farming methods such as pigs or cows (which you can breed as well) may prefer the enclosed space of an animal’s pen, chickens will be more than happy to do without one. A simple ‘fence’ crafted from two blocks high and nine long should suffice if it is made out of wood planks. This means that only one block needs to be replaced just in case a sneaky creeper decides to invade your farm. You will need this fence even if you have a roof over your farm because Minecraft chickens do not particularly enjoy walking past any type of transparent block meaning they cannot “climb” solid ladders or use stairs.

How to craft some chickens?

Now that you have a few eggs let you craft yourselves some chickens. To do this, simply stand next to a block that is part of the coop’s fence and right-click on it with an egg in your hand. You should receive the message ‘Egg was consumed’ showing that you’ve crafted yourself a new chicken ‘pet’. Right-clicking on any grassy area outside the fence (but obviously not too far away) will release the chicken pet.

Note that unlike most pets, it is perfectly okay to keep your chickens near you while you are exploring dungeons or mining because they will not follow you down there! They will stick around on the surface and wander aimlessly if their coop is big enough. Also note that mobs may kill them accidentally despite not being able to climb fences, so avoid this by either opening up a hole in one of the walls of their pen or removing any nearby mobs with a bucket of water!

Chickens cannot run fast enough to evade an attack from other hostile mobs so getting rid of them before releasing your baby chicks would be very beneficial.

Checking the health meter

After this, right-click to check it on health meter. Chickens have a specific need for food that must be fulfilled every now and again or they will begin to starve and die. Their food meter has four stages and can be monitored by looking at two possible places: Either their tail feathers if the chicken is behind you, or its wattles under its mouth if it is in front of you. The first ‘need’ bar will appear as soon as it spawns, but any others will only show up when needed. You should always see at least three bars filled because our chickens are currently well fed from their previous egg laying session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to breed chicken in minecraft?

Yes, it is very simple and easy to breed chicken in minecraft if you have interest in this.

Is there different method to breed chicken?

Yes, tips and methods all are mentioned above.