Whether it is people embarking on a career path or those who have decided to switch careers due to layoffs, job dissatisfaction, or other circumstances, there is no doubt today’s economy is focusing on jobs that require technical skills and knowledge. One career more and more people are considering is that of industrial technician, which offers growth opportunities, an excellent salary, and much more.

Two Years of College

When many people initially consider becoming industrial technicians, they sometimes assume they will need at least four years of college. However, they are surprised to realize they can get into this fast-growing career field with only an Associate’s Degree earned at a local community college or technical school. This makes their education very affordable and lets them begin their new career much faster than anticipated.

Hands-On Training

According to the Universal Technical Institute, industrial maintenance technician should obtain as much hands-on experience as possible while pursuing their education. Since they will be working with robotics, automated systems, and other types of industrial technology, gaining as much experience as possible in these areas will look impressive to prospective employers.

Variety of Classes

Students can expect to take various classes when studying to become an industrial maintenance technicians. These usually include computer-aided drafting (CAD), workplace and industrial safety, statistics, process control, motion study, and other related courses. Should they attend a community college, they can also expect to take some general education classes, which may include English, History, and Mathematics.

Personality Traits

To succeed as industrial maintenance technicians and enjoy their job daily, those employed in these positions must possess certain personality traits. First, they must be highly detail-oriented and well-organized and like working in very structured environments. They should also be curious since they often troubleshoot sophisticated and complex pieces of industrial equipment. Finally, industrial maintenance technicians should be comfortable working alone since they often work on equipment that may be located in very remote areas of a facility.

Gaining Certification

When people graduate from their industrial maintenance programs of study, they may find some employers prefer to hire technicians who have gained various professional certifications. If so, they can gain certification through the American Society of Quality, which requires them to pass a written exam. In some instances, employers will also require their certified technicians to have prior on-the-job experience. However, should those seeking certification already possess a degree or diploma in industrial maintenance, the experience requirement can often be waived.

A career that offers an average annual salary of over $60,000 or more for technicians who possess years of experience, Universal Technical Institute believes there is no better time than now to embark on this career. As job opportunities become available in more and more industries, technicians can often choose from multiple job offers, command high starting salaries, and enter a career that will provide them with excellent job security. The only thing they need to do at start is to create a resume.

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