Increase the traffic of its site, here is a wish well shared. And for good reason, it is one of the key factors for success on the web. Yes, but you don’t necessarily know where to start, and that’s normal. Every blogger, e-commerce site owner or other web entrepreneur has been there. But before getting started, you still need to know how to boost your traffic and expand your audience. The good news? There are techniques to help you. I will immediately give you 7 solutions that work. 

1) Improve the natural referencing of your site thanks to SEO

Obviously, natural referencing comes first. SEO will be your best ally to increase your organic traffic. Indeed, a good referencing will allow you to obtain a better place in the search engine results. 

How to improve your natural referencing? First, by offering quality content. But also, by working well on its queries, its keywords, its titles as well as the quality of its links, internal or external. Then your site will appeal to Google and you will increase your chances of getting traffic.

2) Enhance the user experience with the SXO  

It’s true, we hear a lot about SEO but a little less about SXO, which is nevertheless important. It’s about the user experience. It is also used by search engines to understand and anticipate readers’ intentions. It therefore plays its part in what makes a quality website. 

A good user experience pleases both the Internet user and Google. The reader, satisfied, will return to your blog, as for Google, he will understand that your site is of interest to the Internet user and will therefore be able to improve his referencing. It comes back to SEO and increasing traffic.

3) Share on social networks to gain visibility

This is another way to increase your traffic, social networks. Feel free to use them to promote your site or blog. You will benefit from their viral effect and the high visibility they can bring you. It is also an opportunity to interact with your audience. 

Although it is not advisable to limit yourself only to these networks to boost your traffic, they are still terribly effective. Share your latest article or your latest video, offer attractive content, they will be shared and bring you knew readers.  

4) Create a blog associated with your website

You will tell me: but then with just a website, how to increase its traffic? It is essential to have a blog associated with a site to boost its traffic. Having a business blog will significantly help you get more visitors. Your site will be regularly updated and you will develop your theme by article writing services with keywords around your activity. Here is another idea to increase the traffic of your site.

5) Interact with other bloggers

Do not hesitate to interact with other bloggers around your theme. You will thus develop your community and you will be able to increase your visibility. You can:

  • post relevant comments on other blogs around your topic;
  • publish guest articles;
  • write guest posts.

This practice has several advantages: getting known, addressing a new audience and benefiting from external links.  

6) Use newsletters

The newsletter is not to be put aside. It allows you to create a more direct link with your subscribers and to announce the release of each new article. Sending a newsletter regularly helps build reader loyalty and encourages them to visit your blog. So, you will get more traffic. 

Be careful however, as with your articles, to provide quality content, otherwise you risk seeing your subscribers unsubscribe. 

7) Invest in paid ads

We have just seen how to increase your traffic for free, using several tips. But there is also paid advertising, if you have the budget for it. Indeed, investing in advertising can boost your traffic, and this, quickly. For this, you have several options including Facebook or Google AdWords ads, for example. 

Increase traffic to your site: what to remember  

As you will have understood, there are several ways to increase your organic traffic. In all cases, the watchword remains: quality. Write good content, regularly, share and interact with your community.

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