Here you will get detailed information about automotive communication protocols. It will help you understand the basics of communications in automotive systems and inform you about the types of language protocols. We’ll learn how the protocols would be selected for the new feature and read the case study. You can also understand the AutoCAD text style.

Why do you need communication in the automated system?

Gone are the days when automotive systems were considered on just a few nodes, and now they’re constantly evolving. 45 to 70 or even 80 subsystems can carry out different functionalities in a given car. Communication between all the subsystems is essential for the overall implementation of the vehicle’s features. Right from the car’s start-up, all the subsystems transmit the status constantly and receive the information from other systems essential to perform the tasks.

What are the various automotive communication protocols?

Data link protocols

The data link protocols will take care of the physical layer of the implementation. It includes the serial port communication portal, serial peripheral interference local interconnect network, and control area network, which is used in 90% of all vehicles.

Application Protocols

They use the data link protocols as the base. Used for diagnosis uses, the CAN is mentioned in the data link.

How can you select a protocol for a new feature?

Maximum payload size

Payroll is the volume of information you want to transfer from one node to another. You have to pick the appropriate protocol based on this. Hence the volume plays a crucial role.

The bandwidth of the network

The bandwidth of the network is the optimum speed available for data transmission. You have to check what speeds you want to transport the information.

Maximum bus length supported.

It is crucial mainly to resolve all the challenges related to wiring. For instance, the distance between the rare view camera parking health system will need to be considered when it comes to wiring.

Network architecture

It would address your options of having multiple enslaved people in the same protocol.

Transfer mode

It will determine if the communication sending protocol is entirely duplex or half duplex. Simplex is just the One node that will be sending, and the other node will be receiving. Another crucial parameter in the transfer rate is the timestamp sent along the data to synchronise the data transmission. The data would be sent with packets featuring address ID, where it would be sequenced at the receiving node.

Stability for safety

It is just an add-on feature, more or less even, that is critical if you want to assure that all the information has been received where every frame of the data would be acknowledged being sent back by the receiver.


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