Electric scooters are not new, but to many, they are unique. So you are now getting to the point where you’re saying, ‘maybe I should get one of these things, but what, how and which one??’

As with anything tech or any gadget, you need to analyse what you want it for. Is it just a fun present for your kids or a functional item that needs to serve a purpose as people are now considering lowering their carbon footprint? The electric scooter Australian market has plenty of options.  

What we look to do in this article is give you different price points and characteristics, and hopefully, you’ll find one that suits your spec.  

So let’s dive into:

The 5 Different Styles of Electric Scooters That You Can Buy in Australia

Kids Electric Scooters

Electric scooters for kids are naturally smaller than for adults and, therefore, cheaper. They are light and affordable. There are also three-wheel scooters on the market to help with stability.  

Aside from the size difference, there are no fundamental physical differences. But the difference comes in the performance, where kids’ e-scooters will generally give you 40-80 minutes of battery life, and they can take around 12 hours to charge. 

Foldable Electric Scooters

The apparent advantage of a foldable scooter is the ability to carry it and use it when needed; you can commute and store them. 

So, these can be ideal for someone who needs that little burst to and from the train or bus but doesn’t want to use your car or unnecessarily pay for parking. Some models are even suitable to fold up and carry on a bus!

Mearth’s S series is one of the best foldable e-scooters. They bring a one-second folding mechanism to the table; try beating that! It is a good idea to see it in its folded state rather than just going off an advertisement before buying it. 

Three-wheeled Electric Scooters

As with the children’s version, there are three-wheeled options, too, and they are becoming popular.  

After all, to those who aren’t confident bikers, it offers stability and balance when turning, but they are bulkier.  

However, you could use them as entry-level e-scooter and move on to a more powerful one once you’ve acquainted yourself. 

Commuter Electric Scooters

For those looking for something functional to get to and from work or university, then an economical commuter e-scooter will fit the bill. Mearth’s RS scooter springs to mind as it is lightweight can move at a decent pace to get you where you need to be on time, and can manage around 20 km per charge.

Electric Scooters by Price

As we started with the kid’s bikes, naturally, they are at the lower end of the price ranges, such as the Segway Ninebot, which retails for under $500. You will have fewer features than the adult bikes, but you still get the following:

  • A Safe Mode
  • High Elastic, Solid Rubber Tires
  • 20km Top Speed
  • TPR Polymer Grip
  • Silicone Foot Pad

Budget Electric Scooters

The market has a middle range, and the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter epitomises this. Reasonably priced and retailing in the $600-700 range, you will find yourself with a reliable scooter and get features such as:

  • 3 Second Fast Folding Time 
  • 8.5″ Pneumatic Tyres 
  • Connects to Mi Home App 
  • Multifunctional Dashboard 
  • Aerospace Grade Aluminium Body 
  • E-ABS+ Disc Brake 
  • Sophisticated Cruise Control and Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS)

As you can see, you get considerably more features and an excellent price point. 

Premium Commuter Electric Scooters

For someone taking e-scooting seriously and wanting something that can get you from a to b reliably and continually, you need to look at the higher end of the market.

Here you will get premium features, road-worthy tires, performance and comfort. The Aprilia eSR2 Evo Black Electric Scooter is a classic example.

Here is what you get at the high end of the market:

  • Connected Driving
  • Front and Rear Suspension
  • 10″ tyres with Air Chamber
  • Double Brake
  • Integrated LED Display
  • 500W Motor Brushless
  • Access Restricted Traffic Roads

Aprilia is also a world-famous bike racing team competing around the world in many racing classifications, so you know you are in good hands, which is why you get a bang for your buck. 


Like all technology, new models and variations quickly arrive when there becomes a market for something. With that growing competition, price points start to lower due to competitiveness between manufacturers. So there is something for everyone out the in the e-scooter market. It’s just a case of figuring out precisely how much use you will give it and what your specific needs are. They are roadworthy and durable, and with the bar being raised, you, the consumer, stand to benefit from more manufacturers adding more specs to their bikes and, again, more bang for your buck! Happy shopping!