This post will examine the new universe that can be accessed on the Aut Trello board. The video game has been completely rewritten, and the new version will not be released until September 2021. The topic of discussion includes global maps, upcoming events, and new things published, among others! This lesson includes something for everyone, regardless of previous experience with Aut Trello or its shortcomings.

What is the new universe Aut Trello?

MMO Aut Trello New Universe that will come is taking a longer title. New content such as maps, events, and new releases are planned to increase, which are scheduled for shipping in 2021. The Roblox Aut Trello community is responsible for developing the game.

Roblox is an online AUT RPG where users can compete to get cash and prizes. Choosing a team to play in the Aut New Universe game is a prerequisite for starting. Either you work for the government, or you participate in the rebellion. On any side, the goal is to score as many points as possible when eliminating as many teams as possible.

Money can be obtained in the Aut Trello New Universe game by completing various purposes.

What is shown by Aut?

Since the addition of road barriers, this game has developed quickly and famous.

The majority of gamers in the universe support Aut and agree with their game decisions. Aut is the most basic entity in Cosmos. He is the creator of all things. His reputation to always be kind and kind to everyone in his reality causes the belief that he is one of the most powerful individuals in his world. In addition, AUT corrects mistakes that might be made in the game.

This is in direct competition with the universe of Roblox Titanic, the universe of the second Roblox (or the universe of R2T Short). This tournament was made as a result of the conflict between two planets “Electric Crystals.” Many believers are “stupid” war triggered by supporters of both parties who encourage conflict into extreme.

In this realm, some “entertainers,” or customers, describe a large number of personalities from various institutions. People often see them together, and they are followers of social media.

Universe Aut Trello only has the following characteristics:

The game code has been modified once again.

Because this update is a repetition of all games, the game has been detained for a long time.

Almost every aspect of existing games has been upgraded by the latest patches.

The game route board has all new components as a whole.

This is a bulletin board for assignments that contain ranking, status, decisions, goods, and other related data.

Usually, only humans can write in the new universe in OTT Trail.

There are public and private car sheets available.

When virtual entertainment clients donate route sheets, they make the process of giving games to them more attractive.


The end of the assessment is that the new world of Aut Trello is determined for extraordinary release. Learn everything you need to know about your favorite characters before others. Remember to review this page during days, weeks, and the following month for each change. For news and further updates, please visit the Aut Trello page on Facebook and Instagram. I want to know about your thoughts about the new universe. click to know more: