Since its launch, TikTok’s popularity has grown exponentially. As of October 2018, it was the most downloaded photo and video app from the Apple Store internationally. The program statistics may surprise you. It reportedly has over 800 million active users, with the US being the most popular country with nearly 100 billion downloads, with a large majority of teenagers using the platform. It was an opportunity to carry tunes like Taylor’s, products and marketing campaigns. This leaves many producers confused, unsure of how to use the system for revenue and new exposure. Another “Rage Program” that could be broken and gone as quickly as possible with this win, others like Nike, ABC and Google have picked up the program and are running ad campaigns on tiktok likes paypal. Even Khloé Kardashian presented sponsored articles on stage.

Just like with TikTok, entrepreneurs need to think beyond the strategy after developing a strategy. While some states remain unclear for TikTok, about 70% of its predecessor’s users are female.

Below are the top 5 tips for promoting your brand on TikTok.

1) Native films

Another way to use advertising in TikTok is to use native movie ads in the channel, which TikTok has recently carefully written into the program. This review is presented in the US version of this program. which has a movie called “support” in a specialty bike retailer that will appear from the main source. A clickable “Learn More” prompt prompts users to get more details.

This button may be customized to direct the user to the advertiser’s website or other Internet address. Specialized Bikes (@specializedbikes) profile site is also launched on TikTok. Subsequent tracks are marked “Promoted Music”.

These native movie ads are roughly the same as a regular TikTok movie (9-15 minutes long, although the test ad is only 5 minutes long), are full-screen (like ads in Instagram stories), and users can skip. can cross. Support calls to action for app downloads and website visits. And a complete introduction to the film may follow. Typical video viewing durations influence movie attendance and click-through rates, how big is social media marketing.

2) Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has come a long way from TikTok, and many powerful and creative TikTok users have appeared on the program since its launch.

The ideal influencer can effectively transform sponsored content into an authentic message that engages consumers. Try not to change the influencer’s voice and dictate your article submissions. They are influenced by motivation. And their followers appreciate the value of their content because it is authentic. If this is true for many social media platforms, then TikTok is very accurate. Where Gen Z consumers tend to win over any curated content.

One brand that has done well with its advertising efforts with TikTok influencers is now Calvin Klein, which took a break from runway style in 2018 to rebrand and expand its audience among young people. It instantly became the most successful ad campaign on TikTok.

Influencer ads are still relatively new on TikTok, and they’re more cost-effective than other pull programs because the spacing isn’t as dense. An ideal extension hacker can develop a mod that will give you a huge ROI.

3) Keep an eye on trends

It’s good to keep track of TikTok trends, especially since they change every week. In fact, they can change almost every day. It’s important to stay informed about what your customers want to know. If you use influencers expect them to know which trends to follow and which not to follow – that’s how they got there. In particular, famous people on TikTok know what major trends to follow. This will help your product get maximum exposure and attract more potential customers to your store. If you miss the fad because it only lasted one day, don’t worry. Next in the elevator

When you open TikTok, you will be taken directly to the home page. Here you will find the latest trending movies.