A debit card is one of the most powerful ways to control your life’s funds. To avoid having problems with your transactions and maintaining access to your money, it’s in your best interests to take good care of them. On occasion, when you’re not using them, you may need to throw out your old cards and replace them with ones that will provide you access to your cash.

Many people have many questions. These questions concern the answer that changing your debit card means you’re getting a new card instead of just getting a new number. On the other hand, replacing your debit card does not mean your current card number is changing at all. In addition to this, when credit monitoring services help identify potential criminals on cards, the actual reason for replacement is not to identify theft cases.

In order to help your understanding, I present to you a thorough account of the process that occurs when you receive a new debit card.

Will the card number change with a new Debit Card?

The short answer is the new debit card has the same serial number. But if the card had been officially lost or stolen you would need a new number.

There is only one number on a debit card, and that number stays tied to your financial account. The security code on the back is the only part that changes. A new debit card may have the same numbers and colors as the old one; only the security code and expiration date differ. When you change your debit card for a different reason, your account is still linked to your old card if you do not remember your last password for security purposes.

If you realize that someone stole your wallet or lost your credit check, you don’t want him to make any purchases. So, your bank issues you a totally free replacement card without the thief’s info. You’ll feel safe when you present this card because it’s yours.

If an identity thief manages to steal a lot of money from your bank account, most merchants accept debit cards regardless of your age. This means that if someone got hold of your current bank card, they could easily steal your money. If this happens to you, most banks do not offer to change your ATM PIN until you open a new account. To prevent a situation like this, the safest way to protect yourself is not to give anyone your personal banking information in the first place.

It is best to take the advice of your bank in the case of suspicious finances. If your bank suggests getting a new debit card, that may be the quickest solution. In this situation, you will have a new number on your card, however, if you are just changing a current expired card for a new one, the card number is likely to remain unchanged.

Will an Expired Debit Card Work?

Some people, sometimes, think they won’t notice when their debit card expires because they forget about it; however, these people are in danger of fraud whenever they use the card. This is due to the fact that when the card expires, the person who uses it is permitted none of those fraudulent transactions.

Usually, debit card users are required to send in the card for renewal every few years to make sure they still own that particular card. The renewed card works as a security measure for banks, enabling them to monitor a person’s transactions and detect any misuse of a debit card. When using a card that is old, you will likely encounter problems when you use the card at ATMs or other machines that take the new card readers.

Make sure that you enter the last 4 numbers in your debit card’s 3 digits into your Automatic Payments account. Otherwise, you could forget which bank card your account is under or have your payments suddenly refused. The best way to catch this issue is to make a note of the number.

More than ever before, people can keep track of their bills and payments easily, thanks to the rise of online and mobile bill/payment solutions.

How to check if a debit card Has Expired?

Knowing what card types you’ve signed up for in every department store isn’t really something customers ever think about. In other countries, where cards can look much different, the dates can cause more problems.

If you are planning to use your debit card after the last date of your term, make sure that you are getting a brand new one as soon as possible (avoiding a problem of running out of new cards and not remembering to replace an old one before using your card again.

The amount of time that banks give a customer’s ATM card before it expires depends on the bank. However, most banks give two-three-year life cycles to ATM cards, so it’s good to check this when you find your card is outdated and no longer working.

How does a new debit card with a new pin code works?

Your new debit card comes with a brand-new code, and it is likely that you already have that number memorized, thus changing your pin will not affect too much of anything. However, in the event that you are attacked and stolen your debit card and PIN, the bank may force the thief to input a new PIN and it may be a bit of a hassle to switch the numbers around now that you have a new PIN.

It’s safe to assume that you’re the only person who should know your PIN – no one else needs to know.

How much time it takes for a replacement card to arrive?

The length in days to wait until you receive your new debit card is determined by the bank. Generally, it can take over seven business days to receive a new paperless debit card. In order to find out the exact time period, I recommend contacting the bank where you usually shop.

You should request a debit card replacement at least two weeks prior to the current billing period’s expiration so you can be prepared to order goods/services while the card is valid. Waiting until the actual expiry will allow you to postpone ordering the new card, which would mean going without essential goods/services until you receive the new card.

You can use a due date reminder software to notify you in advance about your debit card expiry due date. If you have a month left until your card expires, call or stop by your bank to find out if a new card will be issued. Otherwise, you will face the possibility of paying high-interest fees when a new card comes in the mail.

What do you do when you get a new debit card?

When getting a new debit card in the mail, there are two primary things you should always practice. This is necessary to see that everything works and nothing is out of order. There may even come a time that you must change things up on the cards.

Step 1 – Activate the New Debit Card

Remember to keep in mind that the new debit card is not going to work until you activate it after receiving it. Before you throw away your expired card, make sure that you make sure you first activate your new card. Once your card arrives, you’ll be likely to receive a sticker with an activation number that you can call. When calling this number, you can only enter your card number, debit card security code (CVV number), and four-digit personal access code (PIN).This ensures that you’re the card-holder. # How to

Here’s another way to get around a debit card’s restrictions; if you have an ATM, simply activate your card making a withdrawal or deposit. As soon as you enter your PIN, your card will be activated.

The last one works only if you have already set a pin on your debit card. The first one is the most secure one, so we’d recommend that you use that one. However, you can chose the technique that you feel most comfortable with.

Step 2 – Decide Whether to Go Paperless

You must erase your previous debit cards and create new ones from scratch if another criminal gets to them. Cutting the card into small pieces and destroying it will reduce your identity theft risks. Always check your financial account information, especially recurring payments, to make sure that you haven’t missed any updates!

Card companies often ask customers how many accounts they linked to their cards, in case they need access to more information about those accounts later, so you want to save your list of these accounts. My suggestion is to start keeping track of links and the information you enter into them. By doing this periodically, you can keep yourself updated in case of emergencies.


To renew your debit card, which is easy and fast, needs to be mindful when handling information. You may need to write down all your automatic payment locations. Otherwise you might end up losing money.