There are a lot of beat-making software options out there, so we’ve tested and reviewed the best ones for both advanced and novice beat makers. These programs all include useful features that facilitate the creation of loops and of new sound clips. The selections we offer below, however, display a lot of variation; some let you just generate drum beats, while others can be used to mix together MIDI instruments for an entirely original composition.

If you’re looking for beat-making software that’s really professional, Apple Logic Pro is one of our top picks. There are multiple virtual instruments included in this package, as well as some royalty-free loops. You could start with Waveform Free, which is a digital audio workstation, a program that’s also known as a DAW (digital audio workstation). Getting to know the ropes on this one will take a long time.

You need free audio when you are making beats. Below we list some additional sites that provide free audio clip downloads you can add to your music. Some of our top picks have free audio clips.

The last recommendation we have for you will provide you with an idea of the best music notation software and the best audio editing software if you’re already fairly familiar with beat-making software. As opposed to the software below, these programs can let you adjust sounds differently.

1. In general, Apple Logic Pro makes the best beats

Even though it is an Apple-only program, Apple Logic Pro is a fantastic choice for creating beats. In my opinion, this is an excellent deal considering its relatively low price. A professional version of Apple’s free Garage-band is finally available. You can create music from scratch using a vast virtual instrument library. Actually, you can create custom virtual drum sets to make exactly the kind of beats that are right for your application. Virtual Drums plug-in by Logic uses artificial intelligence to choose a virtual drummer that matches the chord progression of the melody you are recording first.

The workspace window in Logic is arranged well, with transportation controls positioned at the top. 255 audio and MIDI tracks let you build a complex arrangement and constantly add new ideas. Up to 15 insert effects and eight send channels can be applied to a mix.

2. Make beats on a budget with Magicix Music Maker

This is one of several programs that a company specializing in this field offers, including Magicix Music Maker, which is an affordable way to make your own tunes. Consequently, you get a great deal in return. The free loops and virtual instruments are all included right away.

Everything is easy to use, so even a beginner can get the hang of it, but experienced producers can get the most out of it as well. A MIDI keyboard and drum pad are used for drum samples and to create beats through an intuitive user interface. As add-ons and upgrade packages offer more features, you can buy more virtual instruments.

In addition to other features, premium subscribers have access to a tool that can generate beats for you automatically. The software can then generate your song by selecting a combination of templates, soundpools, and instruments. Although it may not be a piece of musical genius, the beats provided here can be a good starting point for those who are just beginning to make beats. 

3. Using FL Studio 20 is the best way to make hip hop beats

It was known as Fruity Loops when it was released and became huge in hip hop. Since then, it has grown enormously and is now often used by professionals in many fields. Multiple arrangements work so well with time signature markers and multiple arrangements work so well together. 

The FL Studio 20 software package is a full-featured production system that works both as a DAW and beat maker. FL Studio 20 comes with 500 tracks, so you can get up and running quickly. Maintaining control without looking overwhelmed is made easier with separate workflows. Although this makes it easier to use, it is still very complex and geared toward higher-end professionals in the audio production market.

DAW Image-Line is regularly updated by this Belgian company and the studio ensures you never have to pay for any updates. The latest updates include additions such as a frequency splitter, an instrument tuner, and improved layouts. 

4. Using Ableton Live 11 is the perfect way to make beats for EDM

Electronic drums and synth plugins are very important for producing EDM. Live 11 offer an extensive selection of such plugins. After you get a handle on the user interface, it becomes simple and efficient. Users of classic EDM hardware instruments will recognize the Drum Rack plugin because it layers sampled sounds in a 16-pad grid.

For producers who wish to take their arrangements on stage, Ableton is one of the best music production programs. The software allows you to launch samples, adjust tempo, and even record samples from other hardware devices after you create a track in the software. 

This software gained the ability to ‘compare’ with the release of a new edition in April 2021. As a result, you can now record multiple renditions of a refrain, compare them backwards, and then select the sections with the best sound from all these recordings. Ableton 11 offers enhanced control of the sound and expressiveness of notes via the MIDI Polyphonic Expressions (MPE) plugin. 

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5. Free DAW: Waveform Free

With Waveform Free, Traction offers an alternative to its paid software. This is their first attempt at offering a free alternative. So with a free tool, you can accomplish all the same tasks as a paid-for DAW. However, even professional producers will find these offers everything they need. This plugin does it all–from third-party compatibility to a pretty streamlined interface.

As we’ve said, the free version doesn’t include some of the Pro version’s plugins, but you can use third-party options instead. The inbuilt drum sampler sounds great, and it’s full MIDI supported. A big selling point of this free software is the full automation provided, which looks and feels like a lot of the top-end packages.

With new editing tools and performance upgrades rolled out for free regularly by its developers, this is another product that’s regularly tweaked and polished. Several time-saving features were included in the last update, but we were most impressed with the MIDI feature that transforms your QWERTY keyboard into a musical instrument.

6. Drumbox: Free software specifically designed for drumming

Another free option is or Drumbox, but it is specifically intended for creating drum beats. This tool is also open-source. A result is a tool that’s built to function well around a range of tasks, but it’s not perfect, as it has an interface that looks basic and a few kinks around the edges. This beat-building program is not only easy to use but offers a great deal of flexibility.

With automation, creativity is enhanced and drums are categorized easily for easy storage. It supports MIDI import and export as well as final export in a variety of formats to make this an extremely user-friendly application, resulting in an easily shareable product. 


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