Building a pc case customization is easy. Even a newbie can get a PC up and running with our instructions. The PC is only the beginning. Next, add visual appeal. If you want a PC with flare (and lights), try case mods. First impressions are deceiving. Making custom items or repainting your automobile are both modifications. Case modification might become addictive. Starting is difficult. Here are some of our favorite methods to bling up your PC without major case surgery to help you get started.


Choosing the right GPU is the first step to attaining your desired look in a gaming setup. Depending on the complexity, GPUs may be modified. MSI GTX 960 4G’s LED logo makes it modding-friendly. Colored glass paint may modify the lighting look. If you want to go fancier, you can buy a 12v LED online for a dollar and replace the graphics card’s LED. Unscrew the screws to remove the cooler. Automotive spraypaints are heat- and scratch-resistant compared to Plastikote.


Instead of going crazy, select RAM that matches the rest of your system. Avexir Blitz features random flashing and colored LED-topped RAM. Removing the top casings requires two screws. Remove the sides with a butter knife. White LED sticks may be tinted with colorful glass paint and let to dry. This works with white LED sticks. To reflect the motherboard and LEDs, side panels should be gloss-painted.


Armor-plated motherboards are useful for modding. Remove the computer’s armor to begin painting it. Maximus Formula and Hero. LED strips may be inserted between the board and backplate. Slide the LEDs to the right and bottom sides of the board to backlight the game. UV reactive or glow-in-the-dark paints may improve your motherboard’s appearance. Color-coordinate!


Interior lighting and case lights bring your computer to life. We like Bitfenix Alchemy weatherproof magnetic LED strips. LED strips are usually on a device’s top and bottom. The appropriate hue may improve or detract from a project’s look. Don’t overuse one color. Instead, choose opposing or complementary hues. If your interior is orange, use white LEDs to lighten it rather than using more orange. RGB LEDs allow you to change lighting effects in white or black designs.


You may tweak your computer’s performance using liquid cooling. Hard-line or PVC tubing, colors of fittings and coolant, which fittings, and what reservoir is best for your project are alternatives.

Mayhem’s Aurora coolant is appealing to modders. Aurora’s glitter reflects your LEDs and creates the mood. Mayhem Aurora shouldn’t be used as a permanent coolant since it clogs the pump. Mayhem Pastel is a long-lasting cooling solution. Their shimmering colors are stunning.


Custom PCs require tidy cable management. You can construct your cables, but the equipment is expensive and time-consuming. Cool Force Nanoxia cables are high-quality and available in several colors, including multicolored ones.

If your PC is blue with white RAM, use matching connections. It’s easy to miss braided cables’ visual influence on a bespoke PC. Making cables requires a pin removal tool, a heat shrink tube, and a heat gun. If you’re creating one thing, choose lovely wires.


PC modification requires painting the casing and components, which might be tricky. First, prime the painted component. Choose a primer using the manufacturer’s instructions (usually printed on the can). We recommend car/auto spray paints for the finest result. Brush strokes might make your product seem sloppy. After priming and painting, finish with a 2K clear coat (clear lacquer).