Diamond Push-ups are an incredibly effective workout move that target your triceps and chest. They help to improve upper body strength and stability while also burning calories. If you are looking for a way to make the most of your workouts, then adding diamond push-ups into your routine is a great option. 

What are Diamond Push-Ups? 

Diamond push-ups are one of the most common variations of the traditional push-up. The exercise involves placing both hands together in a diamond shape on the ground, with your thumbs and index fingers touching each other. You then lower yourself down until your chest touches your hands and then press back up again. This variation targets different muscles than regular push-ups due to its narrower hand placement, as well as providing greater stability for more advanced athletes. 

Benefits of Diamond Push-Ups 

The main benefit of this exercise is that it targets the triceps more than regular push-ups do. By working out these arm muscles, you can get stronger arms faster while also improving overall upper body strength. Additionally, diamond push-ups help to engage your core muscles, which helps improve balance and stability during other exercises. The narrow hand placement also requires you to use smaller stabilizing muscles to stay balanced during the exercise, which further increases muscle activation and growth in this area. Finally, because of its intensity level (it is more difficult than regular push-ups), it burns more calories per repetition, making it a great choice for those looking for an effective fat-burning workout move!  


Diamond Push-Ups are an incredibly effective workout move that can provide you with numerous benefits—from increased muscle mass in your arms and chest, to improved balance and stability throughout your entire upper body, to an even better calorie burn when compared to traditional push ups! Whether you are new to working out or already have an established routine, adding diamond push ups into your regimen is sure to give you noticeable results quickly! So get started today—you’ll be glad you did!Do you own an Apple Watch? Download Train Fitness App today and get your workout tracked automatically – https://trainfitness.ai

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