Traveling to a different country may be an overwhelming experience. Having help in the form of a few apps can actually be really assuring, especially when you are traveling solo. Here are a few must-have apps for your next planned travel

1. Airbnb:

While traveling and looking for affordable accommodations, you just cannot ignore Airbnb. It happens to be the best application for anyone traveling abroad. Short-term rentals are readily available through the app all over the world for reasonable pricing based on your budget. It is a great money-saving tool. Booking through your mobile is easy, and they also have easy cancellation policies. When you make sudden unexpected traveling plans, Airbnb is the best place to look for reasonable accommodation. 

2. WhatsApp:

When traveling to a different country, staying in touch with people back home is essential. Making international calls can be expensive even if you have activated an International Roaming Pack on your existing SIM card. Some e-SIM data cards, such as Holafly, offers unlimited data based on the subscription plans you have selected. It is the most preferred data eSIM card by travelers and you can check the review to learn more. Use WhatsApp to call your family using the data pack rather than through the cell phone carrier. This means you can talk to them without worrying about paying long phone bills. A video call to your family is a great way to include them in your trip.

3. Currency:

When you go to a different country, you must always keep calculating the conversion rate before buying something. Better to download an app such as Currency which will help you convert the currency quickly before you spend on something. This is the perfect app if you are looking to wander around the market and do some shopping. It will ensure that you stay within a budget and do not overspend.

4. Google Translate:

If you are visiting a country where you are unaware of the local language, downloading a Google Translate app will help you throughout the trip. In most countries, people understand English, but there are places where you may have to use a few local phrases or understand what the other person is saying. If you are anxious about asking for directions, the best thing you should do is download this app which will help you in such situations.

5. Google Maps:

This is one app you just cannot ignore, as it is the most important one when you travel. So when you are in a new place, your direction sense may be wrong because you don’t know the city well. Google Maps will let you know how far the destination is and how long it will take to go there when you hail a cab. Keeping track of the route through Google Maps will keep you safe and ensure you are not spending extra by taking the longer course. Having a map of the city on your phone will be really assuring and help you throughout the trip.


Remember to download these apps before you leave for your trip on your home Wi-Fi to save data. You will also be able to make use of these as soon as your land at the destination.